Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Welcome to the first LadyGirlsTable Quick Cut!
Fresh off the buzz of the summer solstice, I have been craving super light meals lately. And although I actually finally have A/C in my new place, I hate turning it on. So a supper that is quick, cheap, and light sounded perfect to me this weekend.

Ceviche is the answer to everything, probably in life. It’s one of those amazing meals that feels really special, but isn’t very hard to prepare. And it’s sooooo pretty- perfect for entertaining. It can easily just be a light appetizer, or you can serve larger portions to make a pescatarian-friendly meal. Add some corn chips/tostadas/tequila, and you’ve got yourself a party!
You’ll need:
·         Light ocean fish, in 1-inch pieces (I used tilapia- super inexpensive and sustainable, but ask your fish monger what the freshest offering is. You definitely want FRESH fish for this)
·         Juice of lemons, limes, other citrus (I used 4 limes, 1 lemon, and 1 grapefruit)
·         Watermelon, cubed (we’re going to be jazzy!)
·         Feta, crumbled (because watermelon and feta are all the rage now)
·         ¼ finely diced red onion
·         1 cubed avocado
·         Chopped cilantro
·         Salt & pepper
·         Radishes and cilantro sprouts for garnish
Start by covering the fish in a bowl with the citrus juice and marinate from 20-40 minutes in the fridge. This “cooks” the fish. Meanwhile, chop your other bits. Drain the majority of the citrus juice from the bowl. Mix all ingredients and season. Plate. Garnish.
Could it be easier? Obviously not. Enjoy! (Also, please excuse the lighting in my little kitchen- fluorescent lights make everything a bit sad.)



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