Saturday, 22 November 2014

Burrata with Honey-Balsamic Raspberries and Black Pepper

Well, in case you haven’t been in a store for the last three weeks, Christmas is just around the corner. Not that I want to jump on the Christmas bandwagon yet (or ever), but it’s getting to be that time where people start hosting holiday gatherings and such. As is tradition, when you are invited to someone’s home, you are often expected to bring something as well. No sense in wasting time with the passive aggressive “Oh don’t bring a thing!” Everyone knows that’s bullshit. So I am going to save you the trouble of fretting about what to bring.


This is a fresh, festive, and easy dish that is sort of a Baked Brie 2.0. Not that I have anything against baked brie, I love it. But when Heather Reisman is making half her profits on ceramic dishes in jewel tones, specifically for baking said brie, I feel it’s perhaps a little over done.

So here’s a new suggestion from Food52, using burrata. I first became captivated with burrata when I was looking up how to make my own cheese. I wanted to make it, but you know how I feel about recipes requiring me to use formal measurements. (If you’re interested in a DIY project involving thermometers and something called “Polly-O mozzarella curd, check it out here.) I thought I might have to shelve my burrata fascination, until my local Loblaws transformed themselves from a basic grocery store to a Gourmet Food Shop, with all the conveniences of being located in a strip mall. So now I have a delightful oyster bar, olive bar, and fromagerie just a few blocks away.

Start by making a balsamic reduction. Pour about a half-cup of balsamic into a little pot or pan. Add 1 tbsp of honey and let simmer until it reduces by half and has the viscosity of syrup. Set aside.

Slice your burrata, which is practically a religious experience (and at $13.00 per ball, it deserves a little reverie), and plate. Add fresh raspberries, and drizzle with balsamic reduction. A few cracks of black pepper takes it to a new level. (Along the lines of baked brie, I think people are kind of over sea salt or fleur de sel on their desserts. Black pepper is just as easy but much more surprising. It’s almost whimsical.)

I think this dish is just that little bit extra for a holiday gathering. Enjoy!

PS- For more burrata recipes, and an entirely enjoyable aesthetic blog experience, check out Sunday Suppers.

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