Sunday, 3 March 2013

Whipped Cream and Other Delights

So I’ve had a delightful weekend, and I hope you did too. I was just given a beautiful coffee table book (read: quickest way to my heart) called “Edible Selby”, which was basically a culinary trip across the world which amazing food photography. Every page was an inspiration for The LadyGirls! I am so into edible flowers right now, and they were featured on practically every other page of this book. I think it’s my craving for spring or something, and I certainly hope I can find some for our Easter Dinner, because nothing says Easter like a gorgeous nasturtium salad!

On to my own cooking today. It’s a bit early for edible flowers up here in the frigid north, but strawberries were on sale (no doubt leftovers from various Valentine’s Day desserts) so I purchased some of those and decided to make a little pastry for myself as a treat today. I just wanted something pretty and simple, so I used store bought pastry, because we all know how I feel about actually creating baked goods. Any grocery bakery will have little sponge cakes or pastry shells, and I would definitely suggest taking advantage of this if you are not a baking mastermind. Especially if you serving multiple people. Imagine you created six perfect chocolate pastry shells for your six perfect dinner guests, only to have your dog snatch one off the counter while you serve the soup course? THE HORROR. (This was not a lesson in dog training- the lesson is make the baker’s dozen, just in case.)

Anyway. Strawberries are a classic match with whipped cream, and it’s slightly less overtly sexual than pairing them with dipped chocolate. (You know, just in case this is dinner party with your family and not a polyamorous lifestyle club.) Our new and exciting video post is how to make whipped cream (I apologize for the two parts- I am going to figure out how to edit videos soon enough) but here’s a quick run down:
  • 1 cup of whipping cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • A little confectioner’s sugar (if you insist on having your whipped cream taste like candy. I kind of enjoy the natural cream flavour, but I’m not judging you.)

Pour all ingredients in a cold bowl and whip! This is easier to do with a handheld mixer, but it can definitely be done with a whisk by hand. But I’m just thinking if you’re having a family dinner party, you probably have enough stress in your life without adding hand-whipping cream to it.

Enjoy a special treat on a normal Sunday, because why not? Life is short! 

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