Saturday, 11 August 2012

Give Yer Head a Shake!

I hadn't intended to write a blog today but I was just sitting here minding my own business and listening to some nice Chuck Mangione music I downloaded on iTunes, when all of a sudden, I was assaulted with the images I saw on FoodNetwork. I have it on mute, so possibly this type of thing goes on all the time, and it just didn't hit me until the sound was off. The show is about food trucks, but I can lump it in with Triple D since I've been secretly bothered by it too lately. No offence to that nice fellow with the spiked platinum hair.

I perchance, happened to glance up at the screen and they were serving up a hot dog with an egg on top and hollandaise sauce on top of that. That's the last straw for me. The food truck shows irk me the most of all because they aren't just serving fat and junk and calories, they are preaching gluttony. Straight up. They have no relation to skill or technique at all. I've seen episodes where they wrap a wiener in bacon and deep fry it, then add the mayonnaise based condiments on top of that. They have sexy bitches serving up french fries topped with ten thousand calories worth of fat. It's just all about fat served on top of fat. Gross.

Who is responsible? Or rather irresponsible for airing these programs? The FoodNetwork was supposed to be a role model and inspire home chefs to really learn the techniques and blow the socks off their family and friends. Or so I thought. The chef that inspired me most was poor, now deceased Anthony Sedlak. How I miss him. Such skill he had. And don't get me wrong, Ina Garden is my role model. She uses butter just as I do. But Ina has a focus and doesn't ever fill up a plate with slop and garbage and call it supper. If she's making hot dogs, then dogs it is. Beautifully packaged and ready for a sexy, fun filled day at the beach with Jeffrey. And if Ina is making Eggs Benedict, you can bet she'll serve them perfectly poached on a lovely breakfast tray with the Sunday paper and hot coffee for Jeffrey's breakfast in bed. BUT INA WOULD NEVER SERVE JEFFREY A HOT DOG WITH AN EGG ON TOP!

I'm sure the FoodNetwork is raking in money hand over fist and trying to widen their viewership, so they have taken on shows that appeal to a wider range audience. But please! Responsibility and health should come first. Please Foodnetwork, Don't let people think it's okay to chow down ten thousand calories and 400 grams of fat in one meal! If anybody read Kelly's blog yesterday about Deli Supper, remember how she said that meal was served on Special Treat days? Kelly never knew this, but the reason that meal was a special treat was that there is virtually no nutritional value in that meal at all. It just tastes really delicious. And hence, a special treat. But don't anybody tell my LadyGirls that! Deli supper promises made them behave well all day! Haha. So you know what I'm saying. Right?

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