Friday, 27 April 2012

The Art of the Namesake Cocktail

We all know that food and drink go hand in hand. A good drink can save a bad meal. Or a bad day. Or anything, really. And nothing feels better than serving a drink named after yourself. Concoct it, name it, order it enough at your local watering hole, and soon enough everyone else will know and love it too. The air of celebrity that comes with others sipping your namesake cocktail is unparalleled, and isn't just reserved for Tom Collins.

Below, the namesake drinks I've devised for us three ladygirls.

1. The No-Fail Bail

This saucy little number is a winner in all crowds. Sure to impress, the No-Fail Bail always leaves a lasting impression.

To make, make sure you use a heavy-bottomed shot glass,  and mix equal parts of Bailey's Irish Cream and white sambuca. There, that's it. But this drink only counts if you balance it on your forehead and drink it without using your hands. (Trust me, it can be done).

2. The To-Di(e)-For

This classy drink never goes out of style. It's breezy and cool, but knows how to pack a punch.

Pour 2 oz. of vodka over ice in a tumbler. Mix with soda, top with a splash of orange juice and a splash of cranberry juice. For extra sass, garnish with a lime wedge and a plastic sword. Never let them forget that you can cut them down at the knees, if you so choose.

3. The Helen Kellen

Named as such because - brace yourself - it will leave you senseless. (Please forgive my tasteless sense of humour. But really, this drink will show them all that you've got wit and plenty of it).

Pour 2 oz. of gin (preferably pilfered from someone else's elegant stash) over ice. Mix with equal parts soda and lemon juice. Don't use lemonade. Just pure lemon juice. The lack of sweetness makes this drink what it is. Garnish with nothing. It speaks for itself.

Note: The Helen Kellen should certainly be followed the next morning with The Miracle Worker, also known as a spicy caesar. (Actually, that's probably true of all of these drinks).



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